Film Narrative

Filming the tableau

Getting our first film of the year made was definitely a learning curve, at least for me. We got the bulk of planning details out of the way rather quickly (e.g. risk assessment, equipment booking form, floor plan), which ultimately made our lives much easier. One problem we encountered from the get go is that we left Screen Academy without checking we had all of our equipment. We arrived to our set sans circuit breaker and white board pen for the clapper board. We weren’t pressed for time and so it was easily fixed by briefly returning to the technicians cupboard for the circuit breaker (we used post-it notes for the clapper board). However, had this been a more time precious project this may have severely disadvantaged us, so it’s certainly something to remember for next time.

In regards to how we worked together as a group, everyone got involved and had helpful things to say and do throughout the process. In my case I think I’ve learned that there is no need to feel overly anxious about contributing ideas and saying anything that I think will help. I need to stop thinking the worst will happen, especially when it comes to smaller projects such as this.

In terms of my role as cinematographer, I felt relieved as I was worried my lack of technical experience would show. Using the camera was fairly straightforward and, while it was a challenge, I felt satisfied with my ability to set up a decent shot and frame.

When we finished filming we returned to Screen Academy to return our equipment and to retrieve the video files from the camera to later edit. It occurred to us that we didn’t actually know how to get the files off the camera, however thankfully one of the technicians helped us. For future, it will be highly beneficial to us if we make sure we have a clear idea of everything we have to.

Overall, today was a positive experience. We worked well together as a group and produced what we thought was a good film at the end of it.

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