Workflow and Creative Camera Techniques

Visual Exercise 2 | Mister Stu Murphy

Filming this exercise was a unique experience and a different process to the other exercises. I chose The Stand Comedy Club where I work as my location because I wanted to film a comedian in an environment important to them. Stu Murphy was hosting the show that evening and I chose him as my subject since he is an incredibly seasoned comedian who performs at The Stand regularly.

My main practical issues were involving camera and direction. My subject was having to perform for an audience as well as my camera and so maintaining a good frame was difficult. Along with audience members absentmindedly walking in front of the camera whilst filming, this made getting lots of usable shots difficult. However, I believe the shots I have used for the final product depict Stu in his element and I am happy with what I have made.

Since using my own lights during the show would’ve been too disruptive to both my subject and the audience, I did not book any out. This made filming backstage tricky since I only had the overhead bulb lights at my disposal. Despite this however, I feel that the low backstage lighting offers a good contrast to the staged lights during the show. Overall, filming this exercise was enjoyable and I am very pleased with the final result.

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