Film Narrative

Dialogue Film – Filming “Lender”

“Lender” Dialogue Film

My group’s chosen idea involved a character being late with their loan repayment to a loan shark, and the ensuing consequences. My role was Producer and I was responsible for booking equipment, sorting out filming dates, and completing the risk assessments.

Production went fairly smoothly in that we made frequent edits to the script and our director had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve. We communicated effectively and were able to complete our planning documents, book equipment, and decide on dates to film in plenty of time. A problem arose with finding actors due to lack of interest and it being a busy time of year for acting students. Thankfully we were able to find one actor for the character owing money, and my boss stepped in to help with the Loan Shark role. This ended up being a good casting choice as he was able to look the part and play intimidating very well.

Filming itself went very well. We dedicated our test shoot to figuring out our actors’ marks, timing and blocking the scene, and setting up the set/frame. The test shoot was excellent in that it meant we all knew what was going on and what we were doing, ultimately making the main shoot easier. On the main shoot we shot 17 takes in order to have an adequate selection to choose from, and we were very happy with what we came away with. We also received help from Leon, who came to our set and helped us out with lighting.

In regards to editing, the only problem that occurred was sound design. Due to some of our dialogue happening over the phone, it took us a while to figure out how to make it sound realistically like it was a voice over the phone. We were happy with the end result but it highlights an area that we need to learn more about.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot from it. While being responsible for a bulk of the pre-filming planning was stressful at times, I can be less anxious in future projects because our group worked well together and got things done as a team.

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