Workflow and Creative Camera Techniques

Scene Recreation – 50/50: ‘I Have Cancer’ scene

Scene Recreation – “I Have Cancer”

Original Scene

My group chose to recreate this scene in particular for its use of practical lamps and supposed “simplicity”.

This was a learning experience for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is incredibly difficult to find decent actors for an unpaid project. It was noticeably harder to find older actors in particular, which we needed to play the character Adam’s parents. Thankfully, someone on our course stepped in to play Adam, alongside our director’s parents and producer filling the remaining roles. It worked out in the end, but we now know to place more importance on finding actors and to allow ourselves more time to do so.

Another problem that arose is that the scene was not as simple as we originally thought. We thought the lighting would be our biggest issue, but in our viewing of the original scene we did not pick up on the many, many subtly camera angle changes. This meant we had to storyboard the scene and figure out how many slates we were going to need. The amount of camera changes, along with technical difficulties (camera dying), we ran really late and ultimately ended up rushing the latter half of the scene. Analysing the scene more closely and figuring out how many slates we need prior to filming will greatly benefit us in the future.

Overall, while we encountered problems, the scene recreation was a fun project to work on and we have learned a lot about the minute details that go into filming a seemingly simple scene. We managed to capture the tone of the original scene in our recreation and we were really happy with what we made.

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