Film Reviews

“Sorry To Bother You” (Dir. Boots Riley, 2018)

Sorry To Bother You is one of the best films I have seen over the past year. It is a scathing attack on capitalistic societies, as well as being packed full of jibes about the world’s current state of affairs. It is post-modernism at it’s finest and the film fully commits to its absurdity. It is impossible to see the events of the final third coming and the whole film develops in a way that cannot be expected. From Armie Hammer’s Steve Lift representing every single rich white billionaire getting away with shit in 2018 just because they have money, to the ridiculous dubbing of David Cross’s voice over Lakeith Stanfield’s (as his “white voice”), it is the best example of a modern dark comedy. Stanfield does an excellent job at somehow embodying happy-go-lucky and ruthlessness at the same time. Tessa Thompson plays a struggling artist, with the only way she can make her art matter to the the wealthy art world is by using her own white voice. The film deals with troubling and distressing subject matters, yet manages to be wickedly funny and while still being incredibly heart-rending. Overall, it makes me feel things and I love it.


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